Web Design: Terms and Conditions

Updated 12/29/2020

COVID-19 Safety

If meeting in person, both Client and Web Designer must wear a mask at all times.




The total price of services includes the creation/development of the website and providing training on how to use the website. Client will submit a 50% non-refundable deposit of the total service price before services are provided. Client will submit the remaining 50% payment after approval of the final draft. Client will have the option to pay for services in full, but it's not required. 

Website Payments:

Client is responsible for the following payments:

  • Buying website domain (i.e., www.yourdomain.com)

  • Hosting website on the chosen platform (Weebly, Wix, Squarespace, Shopify, Wordpress, etc.)

  • Features and/or 3rd party software that client requests


Web Designer can assist the Client with suggestions if needed (depending on the Client's project). However, the Web Designer is not responsible for the mentioned payments above as the payments are either monthly or annual subscriptions. Web Designer cannot add features that requires purchase without the Client's permission.


Content Preparation


Suggestions can be provided, but the Web Designer is not responsible for creating content for the Client’s website. The Web Designer is only responsible for website design, presentation, and development. The Web Designer can assist the Client of organizing their content, but the Client is required to provide the Web Designer with their own content which may include the following:

  • Logo

  • “About Me/About Us” Description

  • Terms/Policies of Business

  • Photos

  • Catalog (products, services, food items, etc.)

  • Description of Catalog (prices, sizes, colors, product details, etc.)

  • Etc. (Web Designer may ask for more information based on the type of business)


Client must provide content within 1 week of submitting the 50% deposit. Failure to provide content will risk rejection of completing the website and losing deposit.





Client is allowed two free revisions. Minor tweak changes are included in services. Major requests of huge website changes (such as changing an entire page layout) will count as a complete revision. After free revisions are used up, it will cost an additional fee of $75 for another revision. If additional services are requested after the first 50% deposit is submitted, the funds for those services will add towards the leftover balance of the invoice.



Edits and Turnaround Time


Turnaround time for template-based websites can be 2-3 weeks. Turnaround time for custom-made websites can be 1-2 months. Turnaround time for website reconstruction can be 1-2 weeks. To have a successful turnaround time, please have your content ready.

Please take the time to read terms and conditions before booking. Web Design terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without notice.