Photography: Terms and Conditions

Updated 7/11/2021


COVID-19 Safety


When meeting the Photographer, both Client and Photographer must wear a mask at all times unless instructed otherwise. The only exception without instructions are beauty preparations and/or photoshoot.




All sessions must be booked in the following formats:

Client will choose the photoshoot packages provided, or Client can customize their photoshoot. After booking is submitted, the Photographer will contact Client to learn more about the details of desired photoshoot. After booking is approved, a proposal (includes the invoice and contract) will be sent to the Client. 

Additional requests can be added when booking, which includes:​

  • Preparation (before photoshoot): $25 for 30mins, $50 for 1hr

  • Additional retouched photos: $15/photo

  • Additional backdrop: $15/backdrop

  • Additional location: $25/location

  • Commercial Licensing: TBD


Client must provide as much information about their photoshoot as possible. Additional requests will be added to the remaining balance of the session costs. Client can pick one of the available packages, or submit an inquiry to customize the shoot, which the Photography will manually book the shoot afterwards. Once booking is confirmed, Client cannot adjust their hours or change their package details after booking. Location changes may be discussed in the case of bad weather. If a photoshoot is split into different days, Client must inform the Photographer. Sessions cannot be divided into different days AFTER retainer is submitted. Session may be subject to cancellation and loss of deposit if client attempts to make unauthorized changes.


Personal/Professional Photoshoots must be booked no later than 48 hours before desired date. Event Photography must be booked no later that 2 weeks before desired date. Wedding Photography must be booked no later than 2 months before desired date. 

Security Retainer


A security retainer (known as non-refundable deposit) and a signed proposal must be secured prior to any services being performed by Photographer. Photoshoot that costs $100 or more requires a 50% retainer to book, which will apply to the overall session cost and secure booking date and time. The remaining payment will be submitted after Client selects proofs for retouching process. Photoshoots that are under $100 or specials require a full payment at the time of booking. When Client submits the retainer, the photoshoot is considered officially booked.


Payments will be made online via using a valid credit card. Otherwise, payment is to be made by cash or other forms of electronic/online payments. 


Rescheduling & Cancellation


All retainers serve as cancellation fee and will not be refunded. Clients have only one photoshoot rescheduling pass. If an appointment is rescheduled, the client has up to 1 week to reschedule or they risk losing the retainer. If the second rescheduled photoshoot date and/or time is cancelled in a row, the Client will have to reschedule the photoshoot completely which will require a new retainer. If any shoot is rescheduled within 48 hours from the initial shoot date, a $35 rebooking fee is required at the moment of alert. If the photoshoot is rescheduled within 24 hours before the shoot, the Client will have to reschedule the photoshoot completely which will require a new retainer. If photoshoot is completely cancelled due to reasons discussed with the Photographer (bad weather, family emergency), the restrictions above are waived. Upon booking any photoshoot specials, no shoot date and time can be rescheduled. Any bookings of our special sales is non-refundable and serve as a cancellation fee. If Photographer needs to reschedule, it will be communicated with the Client.




Client can choose the Photographer's location, or the Photographer can travel to the Client's chosen location. If the location is more than 15 miles from the Photographer's location, there will be an additional charge of $25. 


Time and Arrival


Photoshoots are spaced out to make sure they're not overlapping each other. Please arrive to photoshoot at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time, whether it’s at the Photographer's studio or off-site location. If Client arrives 15 minutes late to the agreed upon time without notifying the Photographer, a late fee of $25 will be issued.

Once it gets to 30 minutes late, the Photographer has the right to cancel photoshoot in full and will immediately notify the Client of cancellation. Please consider that the Photographer has other bookings and cannot delay those sessions. It is the client’s responsibility to inform the Photographer if bad weather and family emergencies are the cause of lateness. Depending on the reason, the Client and Photographer will make special arrangements. If Client makes it to session late, the late fee will be applied to the remaining balance. In these situations, absolutely no refunds will be granted.

The Photographer also has the responsibility to show up on time.

  • If the Photographer is 15 minutes late without providing any communication to the Client Photographer will apply a 15% discount to remaining balance.

  • If the Photographer is 30-45 minutes late without providing any communication to the Client, this would the ONLY acceptation that the Client can request a full refund of retainer.


If Client books additional time prior to shoot for hair and/or makeup preparation, please make sure all parties are on time. For example: If Client books photoshoot for 3pm but needs an hour prior for hair and/or make-up, all parties would need to arrive by 2pm.

Preparation for Photoshoot


Photographer can make recommendations, but hair stylist, wardrobe stylist and make-up artists are NOT included in any photography packages. If Client needs to schedule a time-slot to use Photographer’s studio for preparation before photoshoot (applies to studio shoots only), there will be a cost of $15 for 30 minutes and $25 for 1 hour. Client has to inform Photographer if a hair stylist, wardrobe stylist, and/or make-up artist is coming in the “Appointment notes” box (as we understand some Clients do their own preparations). If preparation runs into Client’s photoshoot time, the photoshoot cannot be extended. If additional beauty preparation isn’t needed, please come ready to shoot.


Outfits and Backdrops


Outfits and backdrop are pre-arranged based on the photoshoot package that’s chosen, or based on the Client's customization of photoshoot. If the Client chooses to add an additional backdrop to the session after submitting the retainer, the cost will be $15 per backdrop. If the Client chooses to add an additional outfit to the session after submitting the retainer, the cost will be $15 per outfit. The Client must notify the Photographer via email or text before the photoshoot.




Client is allowed to use props that's available in the Photographer's studio or bring their own props. 




Preset photo packages are 1-person photoshoots. If the Client doesn't mention other persons involved, only the Client can be allowed in the studio during photoshoot. If the Client arrives with more than 1 individual without the Photographer’s knowledge, the photoshoot will result in immediate cancellation. Certain photography inquiries such as family portraits, branding/product photoshoots, couple photoshoots, beauty preparation team, & etc. are permitted to have additional guests. However, every member present must be a part of the photoshoot whether it’s being in front of the camera or behind-the-scenes assistance. If the Client adds people to the photoshoot after submitting the retainer, the cost will be $25 per person from ages 13+, and $15 per child from ages 5-12. Additional children under 4 years old will not be charged. The Photographer must be notified before the photoshoot to add on to the remaining balance.




All minors under 18 years-old are required to have their parent/guardian sign the photo release agreement with Photographer before the photoshoot is scheduled.


Photo Proofs/Edits


After photoshoot, watermarked proofs (aka unedited photos) will be sent to Client via email. Out of those proofs, Client will then pick the photos that he/she/they like best for special retouching, which should also match the number of photos included in the selected package or amount agreed between the Client and Photographer. The file names of the proofs will be labeled with numbers. Client will select the photos by mentioning the labeled numbers. If Client requests to add more retouched photos outside of the original package or discussed amount, the cost will be $15 per photo, which will be added to the remaining balance. Client will have 1 free revision request for all or some of retouched photos. If the Client asks for more retouched photos after photographer services are paid and fulfilled (whether it's days/weeks/months/years from the photoshoot date), the cost will be $25 per photo. The Photographer CANNOT edit the work of other photographers.


Turnaround Time


Watermarked/unedited proofs will be sent to the Client within 24 hours via WeTransfer link. The link will be available for 7 days, which gives the Client enough time to download to their device. Access will expire on the 7th day. Client will be reminded via WeTransfer email of expiring access to photos. After selecting photos to be edited/retouched, the process will take an additional 5-7 days, depending on how many photos are selected. Client will receive the retouched images via WeTransfer link, which expires after 7 days. Photographer only provides digital copies. 


If photos are requested again after the 7th day, Client can ask Photographer to make photos available for additional 7 days, which will cost $25.




Photographer will need to use photos from the photoshoot to promote business on the website and social media platforms. Photographer will not post until the Client post first, or gives the Photographer approval to post first. By submitting the retainer, Client will grant permission for Photographer to promote photos. If Client doesn’t want photos to be posted to the public at any time or has a specific release date, the Client will need to inform the Photographer via email or phone BEFORE submitting the retainer.


Ownership and Rights


Photographer owns the rights to all unedited photos and partial rights to retouched photos. The Photographer grants Client of non-exclusive rights to publish retouched photos, while still giving credit to the Photographer for the service provided. Unedited photos are NOT considered part of photography services. If the Client would like to own unedited photos, the Photographer will charge a rights/ownership fee as they would give up their rights & ownership. The fee would be based on how many proofs the Client would like to have.


Please take the time to read terms and conditions before booking. Photography terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without notice.