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Once potential clients realize that I provide more than one service, they often add another service on top of what they've already asked for to kill to birds with one stone, which turns into a package deal. Clients are able to chose one of the following options:

  • Photography + Web Design

  • Photography + Videography

  • Web Design + Videography

  • Photography + Videography + Web Design

& more!

Here's some examples:

Photoshoot + Website

If you're a newly established business, this is the perfect package for you. Most people know that they'll need a website for their business, but their first thought is, "I need professional photos for my website!" You'll at least need professional photos for social media promotion while the website is under construction. Once the photos are done, they'll already be ready to publish for the website. Since the Photographer is also the Web Designer, the client will avoid delays due to middle-man communication.

Sola's Room

Owner and artist Omolola Akinsola came to Disturbriana Media to first take photos of herself and her artwork, which were shot during the day to bring in natural lighting. While we shot a lot of photos, only a few made it to the website as she wanted her art to be the primary focus of attraction.

SR Mockup.png
AC Mockup.png

Alina Couture

Alina Couture came to Disturbriana Media for product photography and two adorable girl models, switching outfits to display on the website. We then discussed which photos will be better to display for each product, and used the rest for social media promotion. 

High Commodity Co.

High Commodity's website was created prior to the photoshoot as the client already had their own product mockups. We then decided to have a photoshoot with both individual shots and products grouped together.

HC Mockup.png

Videography + Photoshoot + Website

Requesting all 3 services attracts both new and established businesses. If the business is new, it's a rollout marketing plan. If the business is already established, they're revamping their brand. Sometimes it's requested at the same time as one package, sometimes it's spaced out where the client gradually received all three services. Either way, it also eliminates delays of middle-man communication. 

JMA Mockup.png

Jeff Manning Art

Jeff Manning's website has be live since 2015, before Disturbriana Media was established. As Jeff is now experienced on navigating his website, he's requested videography and photography services in 2020, which has been taking his brand to the next level. One of the photos from our many photoshoots landed in Essence Magazine for the May/June 2020 issue.


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